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Ursuline Kairson est née à Chicago (Illinois), c'est dans sa paroisse et celles des environs qu'elle commence à chanter puis elle participe à de nombreuses émissions télévisées, à se produire sur scène et décide de s'établir à New-York.
Dès son arrivée de nombreux producteurs lui font appel afin d'assurer d'importants rôles dans "Two gentlemen of Verona" pour le New-York Shakespeare Festival, ce sera ensuite "Jesus Christ Superstar", "Purlie", "Showboat" avec Mickey Rooney à Philadelphie, "Mass" avec Leonard Bernstein au Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts à Washington D.C, "American Heroes" à Londres & New-York.
Après le grand succès remporté à Broadway dans "Bubbling Brown Sugar" avec Cab Calloway Ursuline Kairson arrive en Europe avec cette même comédie musicale, Paris, Londres, Hambourg... Elle est aussi la "star" d'un spectacle au Sporting Club de Monte-Carlo.
Depuis quelques années Ursuline Kairson est la vedette des revues "Champagne", "Hello Paradis", "Viva Paradis" du Paradis Latin à Paris, elle participe à de nombreuses émissions télévisées avec Michel Drucker, Jacques Martin...
En 1997 Ursuline Kairson décide de s'associer au "Gospel Triads" pour chanter sa vocation première le Gospel. De nombreux galas leurs sont proposés : American Embassy, American music festival, American election Night, Hôtel Méridien de Paris et tout dernièrement à la Cathédrale Américaine de Paris au profit du Mémorial de la Princesse


Ursuline Kairson’s
musical background spans Broadway ,Paris and London’s West End, with leading roles in “Two Gentlemen of Verona” with the New York Shakespeare Festival, “Jesus Christ Superstar”, “Showboat” (a revival), “Purlie”, Leonard Bernstein’s “Mass” at the Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts, Washington D.C.

Then there was the musical “Bubbling Brown Sugar”, which was a serendipitous event in an already full career. She starred on Broadway and it was with this show that she first came to Paris where her success in it soon led to an engagement at the famed Parisian cabaret, Paradis Latin. There she headlined in several musical revues; “Champagne,” “Hello Paradis” and “Viva Paradis.” It was also at this time that she began to hone her talents as a lyricist when she was asked to write songs for the show.

Guest appearances on television in France and the U.S. soon followed; ”Entertainment Tonight,” “Paris In Search Of A Dream,” “Champs Elysees,” “Le Monde Est A Vous,” “Les Annees Folles.”

She has written and performed various shows; “Ursuline Sings Broadway”- Auditorium des Halles-Paris, “From Josephine to Edith Piaf, Songs Of Paris”, performed at the Smithsonian and the French Embassy in Washington, D.C; “Galaxie USA-From Broadway to Hollywood”-Theatre deRondpoint, Paris, and has created a gospel group and toured around France. Other engagements have taken her as far afield as Hong Kong,Japan, Tunisia, Thailand and back to France to sing at the American Embassy in Paris. Especially rewarding were the three tours in Africa for the U.S. State Department to promote cultural exchange and understanding.

Like many American artists she began singing in church at an early age, in her native Chicago. Growing up she was exposed to all kinds of music, jazz, blues, country and gospel. So it was with great enthusiasm that she began a collaboration with guitarist, Benoit Gil. “I first saw him on stage with other artists and immediately wished that we could work together”, says Ursuline. The opportunity soon presented itself when they were asked to collaborate on a Blues project. “We sat down to write and surprisingly many types of music came from the two of us; some blues, a gospel ballad, and some country. We were delighted!”

Benoit Gil studied arrangement and composition at the famed Berklee School Of Music in Boston, Mass. He has performed on numerous occasions on France Inter, France Music, Radio France, Marseille, Bordeau, etc. He is a veteran of the many music festivals throughout France, Switzerland and the rest of Europe. He has toured everywhere, accompanying many great singers and musicians from California to Chicago to London and of course back to his native France.

If music is the universal language, then Ursuline and Benoit know how to speak it very, very well

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